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Embrace the chaos and let creativity starts the process: three creativity quotes:

What is creativity? So many points of view and so many opinions! That is mine:

I believe that creativity is 1. Seeing things differently 2. Putting things together 3. Thinking at a different meaning or at a different way of doing something.

What is the first quote?

I will start with my favorite quotes:

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." - Albert Einstein

Being creative starts with seeing something different from others. It is not about creating something (at least at the beginning), but it is about watching and seeing. I love the idea that everyone has a different point of view and a different prospective. Therefore, I strongly believe that combining ideas and building on the others´ ideas is an amazing opportunity. I love the concept that everyone can be creative, can have an opinion and can see something special.

Where is the second quote?

Pablo Picasso, one of my favorite painters, said that “art is chaos taking shape.” I love a lot this quote too because reminds me all the time that creativity starts with something that is far away from clarity. It is the result of a process, it is about connecting the dots, putting together elements that are coming from different areas and it is giving meaning to something that did not existed before. It is defining something that somehow makes sense amongst the chaos of the endless influencing factors we have around us at any time.

Is it not simply a fantastic phase?

The most creative thing I can think about is our life. Especially in some moments, when we have almost endless opportunities in front of us, creativity is the king. Not sure if we are aware of it, but chaos can be very good. We are used to think that everything has to be clear and defined, we do not want to have chaos in our life, it often creates anxiety and insecurity, but is it is a phase it brings creative input with it!

When we stop to block it, it is themoment when we create space and things start to spin around. It is an incredible sensation that can really create vertigos and uncomfortable feelings, but that makes us so human and so incredible alive. Have you ever tried to welcome it?

If you have felt like this at least ones, you know that creativity knocked at the door. Maybe you labelled it differently, but it was creativity. Don’t be scared, be curious!

And the last quote?

The last quote I want to mention is from Edward De Bono. “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.”

De Bono is going straight to the point. Creativity is the foundation of innovation and progress. This is valid for our culture, for our businesses but it is also very true for our life. If we want to progress, we need to look at the future differently.

In a world that is going in million directions and is opening the possibilities of countless inputs we need to equipped ourself and find our way in the chaos, getting more adaptable, flexible and ready to embrace new opportunities in the future.

Connecting dots and put ideas together will be crucial. Are you ready to stay on the run?


When you think: "It is difficult, so chaotic and complicated " reframe it: "It is complex, I have many precious ideas and it is going to be fun!"

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Stop judging yourself

  2. Let all your ideas come to you (it is a crazy brainstorming!)

  3. Ask someone to joining you

  4. Start writing all your ideas somewhere (the boring post it are still a good idea!)

  5. Cluster them

  6. Give priorities

  7. Select one to prototype

  8. Try it on

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