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Meet Moira

Transformation Lead & certified DYL Coach

Hello! I am Moira Buzzolani, the founder of 

MBUZZ Consulting & Coaching.

I define myself as a "catalyst for change" and my aim is to help organisations, teams and individuals go through changes in a flexible, creative and positive way.

I consider transformation as an opportunity to change for the better!

My experience in different industries and in international companies has allowed me to understand the broad varieties of challenges and opportunities in the market. I am a digital transformation expert and an a creative mind that is passionate about change, growth and development. 

The red threat of my career has always been "innovation" because I love to work on pioneer projects that have never been done before.

My constant focus is on people and I love to make teams and individuals shine, having clarity, awareness and a clear vision about their future. 

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I am not a Solopreneur

I am not a "solopreneur" and I love to work with creative, smart and very knowledgable experts.

We are very strong in these area of expertise:

Change Management

Digital Transformation

Digital fashion

Innovation Management

Engagement and internal communication

Designing your life coaching

The Approach

I believe that if you really want to transform and have a positive impact you need to create a flexible, adaptable, innovative mindset that can help you to face the constant changes, staying a the top of the innovation curve. ​

In the recipe for positive transformation you need to consider the organisational and the individual aspects.

A "Change Leadership framework" (c) is the answer! It allows you to see problems from different prospectives, finding solutions and opportunities, see what other cannot see and constantly trying new ways of doing stuff. 

I also work with a framework called "the 3 Pillars of change" (c) for creating the "change roadmap" for small and bigger organisations. 

Methodologies I use: 

Scribbling & Creative visual tools

Visual coaching 

Designing your life tools (DYL)

"Start now" coaching tools (C)

moira 2.heic

I have numbers

My resume in short

certificazioni coaching.png


- DYL coaching certification with B. Burnett and D. Evans

- NLP Coaching certification with R. Bandler and A. Roberti

- LinkedIn Profile for the curious

- Art Gallery in Goho

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- Books

I wrote books about Quality systems and fairy tales for kids (I realized the  first adidas book for kids with the support of Lionel Messi, Steffi Graf and Zinedine Zidane)

Next book is coming soon,

stay tuned!

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- Countries where I lived.

Italy and Germany.

Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 14.35.36.png


More than 15 years of experience in international environments, small companies and big corporate, University and research institutes (CNR, INFN, INFM), private and public, consulting and coaching.


- Different industries

(Education, Information Technology, Fashion and sport goods, Quality Assurance, Consulting)

- 4 languages and 1 dialect

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I have done more than 100 exhibitions around the world. 

I was honoured to get great reviews by Vittorio Sgarbi and Elisabetta Sgarbi (Sole Non piangere piu´, Giraldi Ed.) and to create an 8m painting for the Technological Pole of the University of Ferrara (Thanks to Rettore and former Educational Ministro of Italy prof.  Patrizio Bianchi)

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