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Easy tools to get what you want

Why work together


  • We will go through any transformation journey in a positive and very pragmatical and practical way

  • We will create a clear strategy and a vision for the future

  • We will use tools and methods that will help you to find solutions and see new opportunities 

  • We will boost a flexible and growing mindset 

  • We will get you closer to your goals

  • We will create a change roadmap

  • We will boost your Change leadership 

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Design Studio

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 One to One Visual Coaching


Do you feel you are stuck and need more clarity to go into your future? Do you need tools to help you find the right direction? Are you confused and want to change something, but you do not know where to start? 

If the answer is "yes" I can help you to go through your personal and professional journey and get you on track. 

We can always build stairs to reach the stars. 


Transformation Consulting


Are you in a transformation phase? Are you going through changes and need help shaping your strategy to kick-start your transformative momentum?

I have worked with a variety of clients to help them define a clear transformation strategy. Together we will create a vision and we will translate it in a clear plan with actionable tasks.

We will work together enabling your transformational journey.


Workshop & Facilitation



Do you want to put people together and start exploring new ideas? Do you need a fresh visual approach? 

Through scribbling and visual methodologies we can build and visualise a clear vision for your business and bring you and your team closer to a more innovative mindset.

We can define a vision, plan a transformation journey and create an attractive story telling.

Read to have more clarity and push innovation?

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Teaching, Mentoring & BUZZ TALKS


Understand and learn how to transform is going to be crucial for yourself and for your business. "Design for Change and Transformation" is a basic training for who want to be in control of the changes. 

We combine training with mentoring providing the best experties from the best experts. 

Moira is doing Inspirational BUZZ TALKS (for companies & special events) on topics related to Digital Transformation, Design for Change and Future of Fashion.

Stand Up Meeting
Virtual Team Meeting
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