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Wooden Ladder



with Moira Buzzolani


Building together the stairs for the stars

You can always build stairs that are bringing you where you want to go.  It is that simple!  This is how the idea of MBUZZ Consulting & Coaching has started.


My mission is clear and bold: I want to help people, organisations and businesses to change for the better and help them to create the conditions to be successful.  

Change is possible! Transformation is desirable!


If you want to be competitive and survive at the challenges of nowadays' world you need to build strong capabilities about adaptability to change. 

Boosting your ability to adapt is fundamental for your future as a private person and as a business leader. To do so you need confidence, clarity, change mindset, creativity, co-creation, care. A real Change Leadership approach (C-leadership) that brings together organisational and individual prospectives through effective change tools. 

We can change for the better!


Moira Buzzolani

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What I can do for you

Individual transformation meets organizational growth

Change & Transformation 



Visual Coaching

Workshop & Facilitation

Teaching &


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Do you need a change?

Do you want to change for the better?

Start now with our new Program!

“Moira is one of the most grounded and sensible leaders I have ever worked with. She has a rare mixture of creativity, structure and discipline. She is self-driven, very positive and provides energy to the team around her."

Amit Jhunjhunwala
CIO Five Bellow US

"She has vast experience in Change Management combined with sensitivity to 'read' the needs of impacted people

Her ability to both identify appropriate Change measures along the Change framework in a solid manner and build Change activities from scratch in a creative way is truly inspiring ". 

Natsuko Hara
Director Change Management, Adidas

"Moira is a great coach and authentic leader with very creative approach to all challenges. She has a talent in designing and leading transformation programs focusing on people and tech. I saw Moira facilitating workshops with her unique talent in scribbling and inspiring words. Moira is definitely out of the box thinker."

Natalia Satleikina
Director employee engagement, Miele

Moira is an energetic and creative design leader who brings a focus on digital creation and art.
Through events, communication, and hands on trainings she builds passionate communities of people.
In her Design Director role at adidas I watched her continually bringing fresh new ideas that inspired and motivated our global design teams across Europe, the United States, and Asia.


Sky Asay

Director Design Operations


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